According to recently published data, LinkedIn has more than 600 million users across the world and 11 million in Spain, securing its status as the main professional network service. For 91% of executives, LinkedIn is their preferred option for finding relevant content in their field of work and the network has grown significantly in the last few years. Given its importance, at Wyser we want to give you some advice on how to get the most out of this social network.

An increasing number of middle and senior management consider being on professional networks such as LinkedIn to be important. On these networks, they have the chance to share their knowledge and opinions, and they often become an expert in their professional field. In addition, they are aware of the need to build a digital reputation to go with the company’s image, values and aims.

Nowadays, a company’s reputation needs to be looked after more than ever. As such, it has become essential to correctly manage all information and content shared on social media. For many, a CEO with a good reputation brings multiple advantages to the company they run, including giving it a good media image and attracting new clients and investors.

Furthermore, having a LinkedIn profile improves company visibility and helps managers to keep in contact with clients, suppliers and employees. Familiarity creates trust, which is always a good thing.

Ultimately, creating a LinkedIn profile could kickstart your digital reputation. However, to design an attractive profile, we should keep the following advice in mind:


  • Keep your profile up to date and complete: This is very important if we want people to think highly of our profile. It has been proven that a complete and up to date profile leads to more opportunities. Scheduling and programming content will really help us with the work.


  • Focus on the details: Have a professional photo that sends a message of good positive attitude and always use your full name. This will help people to find us quicker.


  • Share relevant information: One of the key tools to increasing visibility and reputation is publishing news that is of interest to people in your sector, as well as writing your own articles. As such, you will be able to exponentially increase your profile views and position yourself as an expert.


  • Use videos and presentations: People are more likely to look at your profile if it has multimedia content. It has been shown that users are more attracted to watching a video than to merely reading a descriptive text or content.


  • Interact: LinkedIn, at heart, is a social network. As such, it is essential to spend some time replying and interacting with our contacts, sending personal replies whenever possible so as to keep people interested in our profile. Being friendly is a big help in terms of improving digital reputation.

By following these tips, your LinkedIn profile will gradually start to bring your company added value and increase your visibility among professionals in your field.